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March 28,2012

Custom Tour Egypt

We will definitely recommend TPT to everyone we know. Everyone we met during our Egypt Tour was very professional.
thank you very much,

Nadia Diab

September 04,2013

12 Day Best of Thailand Tour

Oh my god you it was awesome all the way!
I don't know if that is good English but it was a fabulous trip. I'm happy we find you!!
Pretty please never get tired of working with us because you are our only tour guide seriously.
Thanks for all the help next year the greece island

Sowka B

January 13,2013

Cancun, Mexico Custom Tour

Thank you sooooo muchh. It was am awesome trip!
your hotel and tours were absolutely fabulous specially the Xcarat tour & swimming with the dolphins.
We will book all our trips with you and will recommend you to our Friends.

January 17,2013

Cancun, Mexico Custom Tour

Dear Philippe,
Thank you very much for organizing our trip to Cancun. It has been a wonderful experience since we landed in the airport and found a transfer service waiting for us on time to take us to the hotel. The hotel was one of the best hotels that we have seen while we were there. Very big hotel with much to offer. The tours to the dolphin show and Xcaret were a great recommendation and we would have loved to go on Xplorer if we had more time. Overall great experience. We would all recommend TPT to our friends and families and will depend on you from now on for all our future travels.
Again thank you very much,

Ramy fouad

April 23,2013

Istanbul Custom Tour

Philippe, our trip to Istanbul went well. All arrangements were as promised and the tour guide (Ayadin) was excellent. We will have no trouble in recommending your service to friends. Thank you.

Ray O Donnell

April 30,2013

Holy Land Trip in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv 2013

Thank you and your team workers for the wonderful well organized Holy land Easter trip, the great group, Hotels, Buss,tour guide and the the trip planing.
My wife and I are looking forward to join you on your next tour,
God bless.

Michael Morgan Sr.

September 12,2013

Egypt Custom Tour

Hi Philippe,
I hope all is going well.
I was just able to hear from Bill. He enjoyed his stay very much in Egypt.
Thank you very much for looking after him.


August 01,2016

Ghana 2013 International Symposium & Tour

Everyone, we had a terrific time in Ghana in June and July 2013. The details of the Ethiopia Tour 2014 are almost complete. Start planning. It will be exciting.

Wesley Boykin

April 04,2013

Athens & 4 Day Greek Isles Cruise

The trip to Greece can be summed up with one word.....Wow!!! We had a fantastic time....Everything went incredibly smooth and we have you to thank for it...I will E-Mail feedback in the next few days......I just wanted to give you a shout out!!!!

Ron and Mimi Dibble

May 12,2014

Footsteps of Saint Paul in Greece

I just wanted to thank you for putting together a great experience for all of us. It was jam packed but was well worth it to maximize our time there since we were only there for a week basically. The guide Maria was absolutely amazing. Her wealth of knowledge is beyond any I have seen and our driver was very patient. All accommodations were good.
Thanks again.


July 07,2014

7 Days USA East & West Coast Trip

Thank you for organizing such an amazing road trip from New York to California. A detailed travel itinerary and plan was sent to us before we embarked on our adventure. Our enthusiastic travel representative took note of our interests and made sure our trip was tailored to our preferences, providing us with abundant choices and activities to participate in throughout our trip. The trip was extremely organized and there was never a dull moment. Thank you for providing us with some of our happiest memories.
We couldn't have asked for a better holiday!

Marawan Zakaria

July 07,2014

7 Days USA East & West Coast Trip

We had an extremely amazing time through our trip from New York to Los Angeles, that was my first time traveling with TPT & No doubt it wont be the last! Everything was carefully planned with countless activities from sight seeing to rafting, from vast deserts to urban cities & at the same time you have the beauty of randomness as if you are traveling on your own.
World of thanks Philippe for planning such hilarious experience.


July 07,2014

7 Days USA East & West Coast Trip

Many thanks to TPT and Philippe Ghabbour for planning one of the most amazing road trips I ever had so far. The trip was from New York to Las Vegas passing through 10 states and variety of places of attraction, activities, restaurants, nature spots and more. Although the timing was a bit tight, TPT has managed to organize the trip in a way we can have the vibe of each state and city that we were visiting. I would definitely use TPT for my future travel and recommend it to everyone.

Youssef Henein

July 08,2014

9 Days Jordan Explorer

Really we had a wonderful time in Jordan.The tour was great, both the tour guide and driver were amazing and very very nice and helpful.
All our 4 luggage were delayed in Jordan (we did not receive them until our 3rd day) Our guide Jafar was able to arrange with the delivery company to send the bags to his house and bring them to us on the next stop.
Both Jafar (the guide) and Awni (the driver) did the extra mile to make our tour comfortable and enjoyable.
Overall experience the tour was great and I will recommend this tour and your company to all my family and friends.
Thanks again Philippe for this amazing trip.
Best Regards

Dr. Hany Basta and family.

March 12,2014

8 Days Chiang Mai & Thailand North

I hope you are well. You recently assisted my friend and I with a vacation package to Thailand in October. It was fabulous, we enjoyed the trip so much. Thanks again for your help. interested in taking a trip to Japan in February 2015.
Thank you in advance,

Mary Kate

March 01,2015

Las Vegas Trip

Travel Plan Tours (TPT) has been doing some great work for us and I thought you might benefit from their services.
Here's why I think they're so great:
"personal attention, guide and advice".


August 07,2015

French Polynesian islands Honeymoon (Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea)

Just wanted to write you a quick thank you note.
Thank you for helping us book the first part of our honeymoon. We really appreciate all your hard work and continued effort in finding us the best deals at the nicest places.
You have such a kind heart that reflects on all your work :)

Marc & Monica

December 30,2015

Cancun, Mexico

My trip was amazing!! Thanks to you!!
Looking forward another one in 2015!!

Sandra George

January 01,2016

Grandeur of the Sea Royal Caribbean Cruise

Thank you for helping us booking our perfect honeymoon, the trip was amazing we enjoyed every single detail especially your sweet gift for us!
we are looking forward for our next trip :)) ;))

Mina & Sara

October 02,2016

16 Days Dubai & Egypt Custom Tour

Thank you so much for an excellent job with the Dubai Egypt tour, I enjoyed it very much.
Also; thank you for going with us to the airport, that was very nice of you.
Thank you so much,

Mary Seif

October 31,2016

Egypt Tour Package

Samia Amin Khalil said:
"They are promotional, helpful and accommodating to customer requests. Very pleased with their services. Thank you "

Samia Khalil

November 04,2016

Holy Land Trip

The customer service so far from TPT has been great. Philippe is always responsive, amiable, and helpful. I am looking forward to the upcoming trip that TPT has planned for us!"

Sandra Naoom

November 26,2016

10 Days Dubai & Egypt Custom Tour

Yeahhhhh !! The best Travel Agency. They customize your tours according to your needs and preferences. Of course always making sure you'll have a wonderful, memorable and secure travel. Love these guys!!! Now I'm thinking of my next one!!

Nicte-ha Sabogal

November 29,2016

8 Days Enchanting Italy

thanks ,
every thing went great and on time ,
Andrea the tour director was very good,
Truly thank you for every thing you did to make it a very good tour.

Essam Eskander

December 01,2016

16 Days Dubai & Egypt Custom Tour

Thanks for the joyful trip to Egypt I already sent an evaluation and some photos to TPT email, on my behalf and my brother Samy I would like to thank every one who spent time an effort to make this tour a great one, my regards to Nael the agency rep. in Cairo , Mohareb the restaurant chef at the cruise, Mina the agency rep. in Alexandria and everyone who assisted us in Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada and El Gona.

Bassim Hannna

April 06,2017

10 Days Dubai & Egypt Custom Tour

I hope all is well. I can't stop talking to everyone I know about our trip and the beautiful time. 
Great accommodation, delicious meals and awesome services we had.

Thx a million. 
I gave my cousin ur ph # and email.
hope he calls U regarding their traveling plans.

Samia & Elhamy

July 22,2017

Custom Tour Egypt Tour with Nile Cruise

The Luxor Trip was great and informative. The reps were wonderful and very carring.

The Experience was outstanding. 


March 13,2018

Cancun, Mexico. You made it happen!

The trip was great and everything went smooth. We all had a lot of fun. Thanks for all your help on this!! You made it happen!

Tarek Tanious

May 31,2015

Egypt & Dubai 2015 Tour

"Had a good experience with TPT tour to Dubi and Egypt in 2015"


May 31,2015

Holy Land Tour April 2015

"The customer service so far from TPT has been great. Philippe is always responsive,…"

Sandra Naoom

May 31,2016

Egypt & Dubai 2015 Tour

"They are professional, helpful and accommodating to customer requests. Very pleased with…"

Samia Amin Khalil

June 29,2017

Egypt Custom Tour

"personal attention, guidance and advice"


June 30,2018

Holy Land Tour June 2016

Thank you so much Philippe.

The tour was awesome. 

We enjoyed it very much and you are right we are in Egypt now & everything going perfect ,

I really appreciate all your help for this tour 

Manal Fanous

November 12,2018

Triple Travel

Dear Philippe. I hope this finds you very well. 

I want to thank you very much for a great trip.and great choice in the tour Guide. Gabriel was great. 

I will call you when I get back home. For more details. 

Thank you and my God bless you. 

With all my love.



April 28,2019

Custom Egypt Tour

I thought I give you some feedback on our trip until we talk later

1) General impression from the group......Fantastic trip. Once in a life time

2) Flights....excellent . On time and great service

3) Cairo......Tarek was fantastic. I highly recommend him for any group. Khaled the tour guide was as good. Made everyone feel easy and friendly. Wael, the bus driver was amazing too.

4) The 4 seasons hotel .....Great choice. Excellent rooms and service

5) The Restaurant choices were all good, but with some remarks: Le Pasha....very expensive beverages.....!!!  Abou Elsid....very tight and crowded and poor service ( although the food and atmosphere were very good) . The Fish market....great food but not organized ( they need to improve their menu choices )

6) Aswan/Luxor....The boat was a bit below expectation Re/ the cabins, but the service and food were excellent. ( I would pay more and get a higher boat like Sonesta or Oberoi )

7) Tour guide during the cruise ( Professor Mohamed Fahmy ) was the best guide we have ever encountered. He was so knowledgable and nice to the extent that he left a lasting excellent impression on all of us especially the Americans. I highly recommend him if you can get him for any group. The transfer guys were OK , but not like Tarek in Cairo.

8) Marriott hotel ( all inclusive ) was a great choice. Excellent rooms and service. The hotel crew were fantastic and the meals were outstanding

In summary,

This was a very successful trip and memorable one.

And thank you again for a wonderful trip

M Habib, M.D.

M Habib, M.D.

May 29,2019

St. Mina Greece Tour - Foot Steps of St. Paul with Cruise

Dear TPT responsible staff for passengers’ reviews:

I heard many times co-travelers in the tour saying:  “The tour is beyond expectation!”

Myself and my wife as frequent TPT tours passengers are pleased to say that you guys do not stop surprising us each time we take one of your tours.

Actually, I may say each tour we take is even better than the previous one although I always think there can’t be any better.

My last tour (St. Paul Footsteps Tour in Greece/St. Mina Church group) was exceptional.  We have enjoyed a very rich doze

Of Greece beauty, history, scenery, culture, while being learning a lot of all the areas and towns St. Paul visited and preached the good news.  We have lived and breathed in those areas and thus deepened in our souls that what we read in the Bible are actual history happened to actual people in actual places at actual times.  I wish if I can take all my young people in my Church and every Church to strengthen their faith.

Despite all the serious knowledge we gained the fun and relaxation were never missing.  The first day one-day cruise started us on the right foot.  The pleasant see trip, the beautiful onboard entertainment and food, the time we spent in Hydra, Poros, and Aegina mesmerized us with unsurpassed beauty and simplicity.

I would need pages and pages to speak about the tour in Athens, the Acropolis, The Parthenon, the Agora where St. Paul preached.  Or Corinth and Virgin Mary house.  Not to forget the strategic Corinth canal.

And then the fantastic splendid Celestyal Majesty 3 nights 4 days fantastic cruise and the numerous islands and tours we enjoyed.

Kalambaka and its Monasteries of the Meteora left us speechless.  So did Kavala, Philippi, the place where Lydia was baptized,  

I would write more and more but I appreciate your time and would just repeat I and my wife are very happy and pleased with this fantastic tour.  Thanks for all those who planned it, scheduled it, and executed it.   Same thanks to the wonderful tour guides and drivers specially the guide Mrs. Xenia Biri and the drive Mr. Apostolos.


Grateful Mike and Isis Azer





Mike Azer, Ph.D.

June 04,2019

Japan Custom Group Tour

Hello Philippe,

The trip went very well. There are all very happy, we might need to arrange another trip for the next summer.

Thank you so much for the good trip.


Mario Maximous

June 11,2019

8 Days Holy Land Tour of Israel

 Dear Philippe.
We would like to thank you for the tour of the Holy Land we had with TPT started on May 31st to June 8th ,2019.
We enjoyed our trip. Special thanks to our tour guide Mr. Gabriel. He did an excellant job. He explained to us the history ,the geography ,and the spiritual meaning of all places we visited. Please thank him again for a job well done.

Safwat Azab

June 24,2019

St. Mina Greece Tour - Foot Steps of St. Paul with Cruise

Hi Philip,

My wife, Mona, and I wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our trip to Greece very much. Sorry it took us that long to send this email to you, but life is always full of surprises and I'm sure you know what I mean.

We enjoyed the 2 cruise trips, the bus tours and our tour guide Axesenia. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Also,  it was very thoughtful of you for arranging the last local flight that we had instead of going with a bus all this way to the airport.

We really appreciated these arrangements more especially after returning home and hearing that other trips weren't as organized and had some open connecting gaps that they weren't happy about. 

This trip is our second one with your company. The first one was the lovely Holy land tour 2 years ago. Of course we enjoyed that very much too. 

Looking forward for more unforgettable trips. Thanks and have a great day. 

Jacob Salama / St. Mina church. 

September 02,2019

Japan Custom Group Tour

Dear Travel Plan Tours,


I am indebted to your company, my teacher or I should perhaps say, my sensei, Mr. Maximous, and my parents for the unforgettable experience I had in Japan. Every second that I spent in Japan was a blessing and it was because of this wonderful and supportive team that I was able to fulfill my dream of traveling to a country and engage in its language and culture. Your agent, Philippe Ghabbour, fulfilled a tremendous role in creating this opportunity for me. He is an excellent agent who is professional and courteous and someone who I could only associate with high praise. It was because of him that I was able to experience the beautiful country that is Japan. 

The week and a half I spent in Japan was the best experience I ever had. The Sunshine City Prince Hotel was a wonderful hotel that provided great service and food. The tour guide was an intelligent woman who explained Japanese culture and history in a creative and articulate way.

In this one week and a half, I engaged myself in the Japanese language and culture. I made wonderful friends with the people in my trip and even met a variety of interesting people from Japan.

The trips that were included were informative, fun, and fulfilling. From my experience, pictures of Mt. Fuji and the Kegon Waterfall do not give it justice. The beautiful city lights of Tokyo can withstand its own with the famous New York City lights. The food that I ate in Japan was delicious. The Japanese cuisine is a type of cuisine that I constantly crave. 

Furthermore, I saw many beautiful landscapes in Japan and as a result, I would constantly take pictures. 

I just want to finish this email by saying thank you for taking the time to read this and also I am thankful to your company and I hope that I can arrange a wonderful trip with your help in the future if possible. 

Thank you,



Justin Diaz