Costa Rica

Costa lies to the south of Nicaragua and north of Panama, in Central America. The Caribbean Sea borders to the east, and the Pacific Ocean forms the western edge. Costa Rica is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth to vacation in. Glide through a rainforest canopy in a floating gondola, go horseback riding on the beach, soak yourself in waters heated by an active volcano, hike through clouds in a mountaintop cloud forest, see the turquoise blue water-filled crater of a sleepy (but active) volcano, see pairs of Scarlet Macaws flying over crocodile infested rivers, watch rare sea turtles struggle to lay their eggs in protected places.

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9 Day / 8 Night


Arenal - Monteverde - Papagayo - San Jose
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11 Day / 10 Night


Arenal - Monteverde - San Jose
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