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St. Mina Holy land tour of Israel

Footsteps of our Lord

Let's follow the Footsteps of our Lord in the Holy Land of Israel with this magnificent tour.    

from $1800

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Welcome to TPT World of Group Travel which includes: 
EUROPE: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Turkey and many other fascinating countries in Europe. 
MIDDLE EAST: Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Dubai, and Israel. 
CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA: Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and many more. 
CARIBBEAN: Cuba, Our newest destination 

Founded in 2011, we’ve been providing high-quality travel programs and have garnered an acclaimed reputation for fulfilling our clients’ needs and travel desires over time. 

Whether your group is looking to immerse itself in a country’s beauty, gastronomy, history and culture…experience the excitement of world-class skiing…enjoy the thrill of cycling through the lush hills of Tuscany... enjoy trekking along the magnificent hills of the Cinque Terre…. enjoy a leisurely river cruise in Europe or Egypt…or discover the Mediterranean’s Ionian and Aegean Seas, TPT has the travel program that’s right for you. 

Our group tours are designed to fulfill the distinctive needs of a special audience based on your group’s budget, desired length of travel and the itinerary’s included features. We value your experiences and are accustomed to tailoring a group departure based on your group’s special interest needs and preferences. 

Travelers love to experience new places, people, cultures, international cuisines and traditions... and we love to provide the service, flexibility and reliability that promote excellence at prices to suit any budget. Our group specialists are eager to assist you in creating a travel program that is rich with experiences and rewarding for you and full of memories to cherish for your travelers.

Group Themes

Customize your travel to your group's special interests with our individually customized travel programs from food lovers to adventure travelers. Below please find some thought-inspiring topics to consider, or feel free to offer your suggestions and allow our destination specialists to take care of the rest.

Culture & History

Enjoy our Culture and History Programs throughout the world, with unforgettable visits to castles, places of worship, museums, gardens, and ancient buildings that have been unbelievably well preserved. Experience the culture of the various people, by attending concerts, shows, or simply trying the local foods of that particular country. Meet the locals and interact with them by attending their festivals. Enjoy the landscapes and the panoramas of a particular destination, and learn about the country by just spending time there.


Enjoy a culinary extravaganza or visit some of the finest vineyards... experience the warmth and hospitality of locals that will make you feel at home... join in one of our cooking class itineraries where you can create some of your very own culinary masterpieces - all while exploring the rich diversity of Europe's picturesque towns, enchanting landscapes, and glorious cities.


We offer a full complement of itineraries to religious destinations throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.